Monday, 12 May 2008

Ancestry Tours of Cardross House Scotland

Ancestry Tours of Cardross House Scotland. Cardross House originally had a Z-plan layout with a circular stair tower to the north, and a square tower on the south. The date 1631 is inscribed on the ceiling. In the late 18th century, the north front was given a symmetrical facelift with a recessed front. A Gothic two storey stable block, circa 1790, lies to the north-east of the house, replacing earlier offices to the south-east. It has a two-storey symmetrical frontage to the south, with a blind arch in the centre and corner pavilions. The walled garden lies to the north of the stable block, with a curved north wall and a low south wall. There is a wrought iron hand gate on south wall with stone piers. There is an early sundial, which sits on a later column, with a brick plinth. The Erskine graveyard is situated in the far east of the policies with six gravestones, bearing the Erskine, Bruce, and Stirling names, from 1767 onwards. They are all simple except for neo-medieval cross of 1849 to George Keith Erskine.

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