Sunday, 3 August 2008

Ancestry Tours of Scotland Clan Encyclopedia

Ancestry Tours of Scotland Clan Encyclopedia. Scotland's history is a tapestry of heroes, legends, exploits and tragedies, woven on the weft of her Clans. Those wanting to see into this history, to learn about their Clan and being a clansman, or to understand Clan lore, Clan Law, Highland Display, and Scots Heraldry, should acquire a copy of this book.

The Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia covers Scottish history, Clanship, Tartans, Heraldry, and related matters in general. It then goes on to detail the specific history of each Clan and its leaders, to illustrate the official clan tartans and insignia, and to indicate which families and septs are associated with each clan. The histories and symbols of many prominent Scottish families are also included. Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia.

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