Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ancestry Tours of Covenanters Scotland

Ancestry Tours of Covenanters Scotland. Covenanters' Gateway, Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scottish Covenanters. This DVD presents a penetrating look at a movement in 17th-century Scotland that is little known today but whose courage and fortitude are woven into the fabric of the Scottish people. The Covenanters covenanted with God for the good of the people. This video covers the story of fifty years with a short prelude to help understand the reason why they acted as they did. Their conflict was basically spiritual, but, due to prevailing and constant persecution, they were drawn into deeper conflicts and complexities. They fought long and hard for the crown right and prerogatives of Christ over His Church with devastating results upon themselves. Scottish Covenanters.

The Scottish Covenanter Genealogical Index. The Covenanters were steadfast in their Presbyterian beliefs and refused to take an oath unto the King stating that he was the head of the church. They believed that Christ was the Head of the Church and their loyalty to this belief allowed them to lay their lives down for it. The Royalists and Dragoons, who were seeking to bring them into obedience to the King, relentlessly chased the Covenanters from glen to glen. This disregard for their civil rights was brutally carried out basically in the Lowlands of Scotland. The Scottish Covenanter Genealogical Index - (1630-1712).

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