Monday, 1 October 2007

Scottish Clans and Tartans

Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia. Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia.

Highlanders. A History of the Scottish Clans. On July 23, 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on the Isle of Eriskay with seven men and proceeded to capture Scotland. Over the following months, he almost succeeded in wrestling the British crown from Hanoverian cousins. Clansmen and family members fought each other in the last battles to take place on British soil. These battles culminated in the great tragedy of Culloden. Fitzroy Maclean recounts the extraordinary and romantic history of the Highland clans from their earliest Celtic origins to Robert the Bruce; from the wars of independence, including Bannockburn and Flodden, to the Jacobite Risings of the eighteenth century and the nineteenth-century Clearances; from Mary, Queen of Scots to the modern day. Highlanders sheds light on the motivation and character of the clans and brings to vivid life their highly dramatic stories. Never before has there been such a wide and well balanced view of Highland history. Highlanders: A History of the Scottish Clans.

Scottish Clans and Tartans. The origin of Scottish clans and their distinctive dress is wrapped in controversy. Yet their story can be traced back to the middle of the fifth century, and to Ireland, where the Scots then lived. This authoritative, elegantly composed guide covers over one hundred and forty clans. Organized alphabetically, the entries include information on each clan's location and history, its nomenclature, and renowned clansmen, as well as the clan's current status and development. The Scots' ancient sense of kinship is colorfully expressed through their distinctive tartans, beautifully conveyed with full-color illustrations throughout the book, and complemented by detailed information on the color, pattern, and set of each clan. Furthermore, Scottish clans and tartans offers the reader breathtaking photographs of the Scottish landscape, fascinating illustrations and photos of important monuments and events, and black-and-white portraits of historically significant clansmen.The story of Scotland's clans and tartans is one of irresistible appeal, interwoven with a history of drama, intrigue, bravery, violence, and romance. Scottish Clans and Tartans: A Fully Illustrated Guide to Over 140 Clans-Their History, Tartans, and Much More.

Clans and Tartans. The system of clans grew out of ancient Celtic tribal traditions and is based on a fierce love for both family and homeland. People the world over eagerly trace their ancestry to claim they are descended from ancient clans, and new tartans are regularly designed and approved. Clans and Tartans looks at the origins, both geographical and historical, of tartans from Scottish clans. Lavishly illustrated with over three hindred color photographs, this is an indispensable guide to Celtic ancestry. Clans and Tartans.

A History of Clan Campbell. The most in-depth and authoritative history of the Clan Campbell available. Commissioned by the Clan Campbell Education Association in Louisiana, it is a full history in three volumes with a foreward by the Duke of Argyll. Fully illustrated throughout with maps and genealogies and twenty pages of plates. It includes six appendices with a full genealogical analysis of the Clan and includes an authoritative account of the Clans' tartans. A History of Clan Campbell.