Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Ancestry Tours of Glencairn Church Scotland

Ancestry Tours of Glencairn Church Scotland. Moniaive is a village in the parish of Glencairn, which is bounded on the southwest by Dunscore. The minister of Dunscore was deposed by the General Assembly in 1715. He continued, notwithstanding, to preach to his people, and they to adhere to him, but dispersed after his death. Part of the members joined the Old Dissenters, better known in the locality as "The M'Millanites, or Mountain Men." The remainder abstained from any ecclesiastical connection until the origin of the Secession, when they joined themselves to it. They were associated with the Seceders in Morton, Glencairn, and surrounding parishes, and had sermon supplied to them by the Associate Presbytery at the village of Closeburn. At the formation of the congregation of Sanquhar, they were included in it. In 1755 they were organized as a congregation, under the designation of "The United Congregation of Glencairn and Closeburn". It was shortly afterwards found that the majority of the persons in attendance were from the west, and that Moniaive, in the parish of Glencairn, would be more convenient for them as the place of meeting, while those in the south and east thought Thornhill, in the parish of Morton, the more desirable place for them. Closeburn was therefore abandoned, supply of sermon afforded alternately to the new–chosen places, and the name of the congregation changed into that of "The United Congregation of Moniaive and Thornhill." These were disjoined, and organized as separate congregations in 1805. The first church was built about 1775; the second about 1800; and the third was built in 1834 on the same site.

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