Monday, 10 November 2008

Scottish Saying Ancestry Scotland

Hi Sandy, My cousins and I are of Scottish parents, who migrated to East Africa,
Kenya, after the second World War. After political problems in Kenya, we then migrated to Australia some years later. My last elderly Aunt from Glasgow died recently, and we were trying to trace the origin of some sayings that she used frequently. I did not get any joy on the net, so wondered if you have any idea! One of the sayings was "Lord God King of the Isles". Does this have any reference to Bonnie Prince Charlie would you know? Another common one, was "Thinks he's Lord Muck." Perhaps you could direct me to a site that deals with scottish sayings? Or perhaps know of a book? Thanks for your time, Regards, Cath Keese (nee Glen), Mandurah, Western Australia. Scottish Sayings.

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